Hunter & Co. provides a full project management solution, freeing our clients up to focus on other priorities. Once engaged we will facilitate access checks to ensure any large or cumbersome items can be installed with no complications. When using floor plans we can follow the details and make sure all the items are correctly placed. This turnkey solution is the kind of service we guarantee our clients.

Upon arrival our specialists will expertly assess all access points to make sure the job is executed smoothly. After which all items will be inspected and professionally wrapped protecting each one in transit. We will make sure all floorings and interior fixtures are protected utilising blankets, runners and felt pads.

If you require assistance such as rearranging furniture at your location we are more than happy to help. Additionally if an item is not functioning correctly i.e. a stuck drawer or cabinet door misalignment we will take a look and fix the problem if we are able. Even just giving a cleaning to an area that is very difficult to reach. Our ultimate goal is your utmost satisfaction with our service.